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ENTRERIO digital lock is the best way to turn your existing lock into a modern mobile lock. With the purchase of a digital lock, you also get 1 master key for unlimited duration and 1 digital one-time key. Before purchasing the appliance, it is necessary to measure the length of the inner and outer cylinders of your existing lock and to choose the appropriate dimensions below.

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  • Remote control
  • Wireless battery charger
  • PIN keyboard
  • PIN keyboard with a finger-print reader

Additional devices can be purchased additionally with the purchase of the Entrerio digital lock.

Additional information

Additional information

Inner cylinder (mm)

35 mm inner cylinder, 40 mm inner cylinder, 45 mm inner cylinder, 50 mm inner cylinder, 55 mm inner cylinder, 60 mm inner cylinder, 65 mm inner cylinder, 70 mm inner cylinder, 75 mm inner cylinder, 80 mm inner cylinder

External cylinder (mm)

30 mm external cylinder, 35 mm external cylinder, 40 mm external cylinder, 45 mm external cylinder, 50 mm external cylinder, 55 mm external cylinder, 60 mm external cylinder, 65 mm external cylinder, 70 mm external cylinder, 75 mm external cylinder, 80 mm external cylinder